That’s Right. Blame the Dead Guy.

From CNN:

Republican Sen. James Inhofe told reporters Monday that Sen. John McCain was “partially to blame” for the controversy over the lowering of the White House flag.

Inhofe, a senior member of Senate Armed Services Committee, was highly complimentary of McCain but when asked about the flag flap he attributed it to the late senator’s public spat with President Donald Trump in recent years. He described both men as “strong willed people.”
“Well, you know, frankly, I think that John McCain is partially to blame for that because he is very outspoken. He disagreed with the President in certain areas and wasn’t too courteous about it,” Inhofe said.
Image result for blame the dead guy inhofe
“And this snowball is warmer than Trump’s heart.”

4 thoughts on “That’s Right. Blame the Dead Guy.

  1. I’m not sure you’ll remember me…I was part of the Hen’s Teeth collective. I wanted to drop a quick comment to let you know I’m still subscribed, still reading, and still enjoying your work! I apologize for not saying so sooner – but just so you know, I’m here :).

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