Wait…I Thought “The Media” Was “The Enemy of the People”

From The New York Times:

President Trump wants to address the nation about the government shutdown on Tuesday night, and later in the week plans to travel to the southern border as part of his effort to persuade Americans of the need for a border wall — the sticking point in negotiations with Democrats who are eager to reopen shuttered agencies.

The White House did not immediately respond to questions about a request to television networks to carve out time for an Oval Office address. A person familiar with the request said the White House had asked to interrupt prime time programming on Tuesday.

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3 thoughts on “Wait…I Thought “The Media” Was “The Enemy of the People”

  1. I’m busy tonight…I’ll think of something to do! One of the best “I’m busy” comments I’ve read regarding this was, “I have a colonoscopy scheduled with Dr. “Captain” Hook.” I truly hope the news organizations who choose to air this will put it on a delay so they can fact check and when he lies (which is pretty. much 100% of the time), a big red “PANTS ON FIRE” flashes on the screen.

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