What It Means to Be an American Now

From Esquire, by Jack Holmes:

“To be an American is to know that when you venture outside, you have a better chance than the citizen of any other country in the developed world of being shot by a complete and total stranger who has easy access to incredibly powerful weaponry.”

Think about that.

One thought on “What It Means to Be an American Now

  1. I have been thinking about that more in the last few days than ever… Called my senators today to demand they get Massacre Mitch to call the Senate back and vote on the House Gun Safety Bill. For an added bonus, I also demanded they work in a bipartisan manner on comprehensive immigration reform to take kids out of cages and prevent the Gestapo raids like yesterday in Mississippi. Both are Republicans. One of them, David “tRump arse kisser and thank you sir may I have another” Perdue couldn’t care less. The other, Johnny Isakson, may listen – he’s been know to buck the traitor in the WH a few times. All we can do is try… And vote the whole lot out in 2020!

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