The Sharpie Strikes Again!

From the Washington Post:

As Trump took the podium at Thursday’s briefing, his effort to blame China for the spread of the coronavirus was evident in his briefing notes.

A Washington Post photographer captured a photo of Trump’s notes showing that the word “Corona” had been crossed out in his typed notes and replaced with “Chinese,” written by hand. Trump on Thursday repeatedly referred to the coronavirus as “the Chinese virus,” a phrase that critics have argued is racist and puts Asian Americans at risk.

When Trump delivered that part of his remarks, however, he skipped over the word “Chinese,” simply describing the coronavirus as “the virus.”




5 thoughts on “The Sharpie Strikes Again!

  1. I have no words anymore on how he tries so hard to blame everyone but himself for anything and everything. Blaming the Chinese is just his lead-in for saying how smart he was to close travel between our two counties.

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