Time to Get the Hook

From Esquire, by Charles P. Pierce:

It is time for networks to stop televising the daily briefings from the Coronavirus SuperFriends live. They are vehicles for dangerous disinformation and for the president*’s re-election campaign. You get the sense that he’s getting juiced for them now that he can’t hold his mass rallies any more. But, mainly, people are told things at these briefings that at worst are perilously untrue. (Has he actually activated the Defense Production Act? Nobody seems sure.) And at best they provide false comfort for a nervous nation, which is what Alexander rightly was trying to get at when he served up that softball about frightened Americans. The president* responded by hitting himself repeatedly over the head with his bat. Somebody get the hook.

3 thoughts on “Time to Get the Hook

  1. We always knew he was going to be vey damaging to the US, but didn’t realize that that meant actually killing off part of the population. At some point, in this life or the next, he will answer for all the lives he will have taken.


  2. Someone in Canada told me Canadian TV broadcast a short bit of the first briefing then cut away with, “We’ll go back to the White House when there’s news to report.”
    I’m pretty sure they haven’t gone back yet.


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