Dr. Trump, PhD

From Esquire, by Jack Holmes:


REPORTER: If 160,000 people had died on Obama’s watch, would you have called for his resignation?


[Trump called for Obama to resign over ebola, which didn’t kill anyone in the US!]

Well, here’s a different history lesson to start: in 2014, Trump called for Obama’s resignation should it turn out that one doctor, “who so recklessly flew into New York from West Africa, has Ebola.” He did not. One person died in the United States from Ebola, and they contracted it in Liberia. 160,000 Americans are dead from COVID-19, and we’re supposed to believe that Trump, who used to call for Obama’s resignation like he calls for another Diet Coke, would have backed him to keep his job? Come on, man. He’s backing himself to keep the job now, which is why he makes up wild alternate realities where millions of Americans could have died if not for his travel ban on China. The ban had so many exceptions that tens of thousands of people made the trip anyway, and the virus was already here by that time.

To buttress his meelyuns and meelyuns claim, however, we got that history lesson from Dr. Trump, PhD. We’ve now gone well beyond the president’s constant insistence that the Spanish Flu outbreak happened in 1917. (It was 1918, into 1919.) Now the outbreak ended World War II in 1945. Believe it or not, this is entirely related to the president’s seemingly more purposeful lies. It’s all of a piece with his complete rejection of the concept of objective reality. The truth is whatever you can get enough people to believe, so what actually happened is not relevant. This is what’s undergirding his claim that as many as 2 million people would have died without his travel ban, but also his declaration that the Spanish Flu ended the Second World War. There’s no need to learn history, or even acknowledge reality as it is right now. What’s the difference? Just say anything.

Donald in the Dunce Chair Again. Donald Trump is in the dunce ...

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