It’s All About Money Because This Is How He Sees the World

“Our doctors get more money if someone dies from COVID. You know that, right? I mean, our doctors are very smart people.”
— Trump

When I heard him say this at a wankfest rally yesterday, it just made my blood boil even more than usual. And the people robotically nodding along behind him in the bleachers made this latest claim more egregious than just about anything he’s said so far because they apparently believe any falsehood that flies out of his mouth.

This is emblematic of Trump’s world view: there is no morality or empathy. Everything is transactional. Stiff your contractors. Walk away from bankruptcies and leave your investors holding the bag. Defraud people of their life savings by tricking them into believing you will share your “secret” to gaining wealth in real estate. Soldiers who’ve died in service to their country are suckers and losers. What was in it for them? If there was no monetary gain, then it was all in vain.

Trump is the master of projection. Things he accuses other people of doing, like claiming a person died of COVID so a doctor can add an additional cost to the bill, are the very things he himself would have no problem doing if he were in the same situation. God forbid.

Last night on MSNBC there was an emergency room doctor who had served as a medic in Afghanistan and Iraq and now sees an influx of COVID patients in his hospital. He said this particular claim of Trump’s “pissed him off” the most because he knows doctors are not like that and many of them have died trying to take care of patients during this horrible pandemic.

What does it take for people who think Trump is the Second Coming to realize what a waste of skin this horrible man is? I used to think our country was better than this. But, sadly, I guess I was mistaken.

5 thoughts on “It’s All About Money Because This Is How He Sees the World

    • That claim of Trump’s is the most outrageous Covid-19 thing he’s said to date. The constant conspiracy theories spread by our president is eroding the very fiber of our nation. Why can’t his followers see through him, through the lies? I can’t imagine how demoralizing it was for 1st responders to hear him say that.

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  1. The man is certifiably a nut case, He is one sick puppy. I would feel sorry for him and his family but he is doing to much damage to our country. HIs children are no better. They worship $$$$$. Think they would kill each other for $$$. I am worried about the swearing in of our next president. Why is Trump staying away? Something planned by him and his cult followers?

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