We’ve Been Euchred Yet Again by Pollsters and Pundits



deceive, outwit, or cheat (someone).

adjective Australian Informal. utterly done in or at the end of one’s tether; exhausted.

Euchre is a card game for four players that is played in tricks, or rounds, with a deck of 32 cards. Etymologists aren’t sure where we got the name for the game, though they do know that it first appeared in English in the mid-19th century. The first sense of the verb euchre arose from an action that takes place during the game: a player is euchred when an opponent blocks him or her from winning three or more tricks after making trump. Deception can often be key to a winning strategy, and sure enough it took almost no time at all for euchre to develop a sense meaning “cheat” or “trick.”


If y’all remember what I wrote not too long ago here you know I recounted how exhausted I was from the last four years of the talking yam and how I thought I’d learned my lesson about hanging on the every word of the pundits and pollsters after the 2016 debacle.

Well, I was wrong. 

I fell for it again, most recently in listening to James Carville the other night on MSNBC saying the election will be all over by 10:30 pm and there will be a Biden sweep. Ditto with Charlie Cook on the same program (The Eleventh Hour with Brian Williams).

As it turns out, these people don’t know shit from Shineola, as they say. 

I got my hopes up because of them and once again I’ve been euchred.


Okay. Your turn!

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