The World Turned Upside Down

From Politico:

From Trump’s call-in with Maria Bartiromo on Fox—-

Bartiromo then referred to Babbitt as “a wonderful woman fatally shot on January 6 as she tried to climb out of a broken window.” Their remarks echoed those of some of Trump’s backers, including Rep. Paul Gosar (R-Ariz.), who has claimed Babbitt was “executed.”

Referring to his remarks to the crowd before they stormed the Capitol as “a very mild-mannered speech,” Trump also suggested that the blame for any violence that day could be placed on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats because they didn’t take the potential for violence seriously.

“They are the ones that were responsible,” he said.


First of all, she was not “climbing out of a broken window”, she was climbing through one in an attempt to storm the Capital building. Secondly, it is well known that Trump will take something he has done and turn it around and project it onto someone else. Ergo, Pelosi and the Democrats are responsible for his inciting of the insurrection because they should have known he was going to do that and should have been better prepared.

WHO THINKS LIKE THAT? But people believe him. This will only get worse, my friends.


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