Mo Brooks Contains Layers of Cowardice and Mendacity That Are Beyond Most Humans

From Esquire, by Charles P. Pierce:

Good morning, suckers.

From the Montgomery Advertiser:

Responding to a report in Rolling Stone that named [Mo] Brooks or his top staffers as having a role in organizing the rally, the Huntsville Republican said he did not know that his staffers had been involved. “If you’re talking about someone participating in meetings, setting the agenda, raising the money, I don’t know of anything that suggests my staff as doing that stuff,” the congressman said in a phone interview on Monday. The congressman pushed false charges of voter fraud after President Joe Biden’s win in November. He has continued to do so, despite no evidence for his claims.

You have to admire a guy who throws his staff overboard to save his own ass while simultaneously pretending that he’s not doing precisely that. I mean, there are layers of cowardice and mendacity here that are beyond the range of most average humans. Especially when you come back a day later and say this to the folks at

The congressman said he could not say whether his staff interacted with two anonymous Rolling Stone sources — only identified as an organizer and a planner of the Jan. 6 rally and other protests — because he had not spoken to them about it. “Quite frankly, I’d be proud of them if they did help organize a First Amendment rally to protest voter fraud and election theft,” Brooks said of his staff.

And, frankly, I’ll still be proud of them when they all get hauled off to the clink while I get re-elected.

Please keep this man out of my foxhole.

Brooks, you may recall, is the guy at the Stop the Steal rally who talked about taking names and kicking asses while dressed like a duck hunter and wearing body armor, as one does while cruising the National Mall.

The congressman said he could not recall if he participated in any similar “Save America” or “Stop the Steal” rallies between the day after the election and Jan. 6, although he said he “certainly” did not attend any with President Trump.

Like many of my fellow citizens, I’ve been following the invaluable Marcy Wheeler, who’s been keeping tabs on the various court proceedings in the individual cases associated with the January 6 insurrection on Capitol Hill. For example, she points us toward the curious case of Philip James Weisbecker, a defendant whose indictment papers contain these curious items:

“WEISBECKER talked about Ashli Babbitt, who was supposedly shot in the U.S. Capitol and was from O.B. (Ocean Beach).” WEISBECKER said she did not exist as he knew everyone from that area, and that he has asked his friends, and no one knew her. WEISBECKER asked where her [Ashli Babbitt’s] funeral was. He stated it had not been here [San Diego] so she [Ashli Babbitt] was not from here [San Diego]. WEISBECKER said Babbitt was not actually her last name…He stated [President] Trump is still the president and that all the statistics showed it and that he (WEISBECKER) had researched the data.”

It is deluded souls like this who, sooner or later, are going to tumble to the fact that their high-profile motivators are going to toss them overboard in just the way Brooks is fobbing off blame on unidentified staffers. And these deluded souls already have something of a track record for unreasoning violence when they feel as though they’ve been played. January 6 may never end. And, were I a staffer in Mo Brooks’s office, I might be inclined to toss a stapler in the general direction of the back of his head.

cullman, alabama   august 21 former us president donald trump r welcomes candidate for us senate and us rep mo brooks r al to the stage during a "save america" rally at york family farms on august 21, 2021 in cullman, alabama with the number of coronavirus cases rising rapidly and no more icu beds available in alabama, the host city of cullman declared a covid 19 related state of emergency two days before the trump rally according to the alabama department of public health, 675 of the state's population has not been fully vaccinated photo by chip somodevillagetty images

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