We Need More Shayes

From The Bulwark, by Tim Miller:

There have been a lot of powerful moments during these hearings but the only person who has brought me to tears in my living room is Shaye Moss. 

Shaye is exactly the type of citizen that the “national conservatives” claim they are fighting for. She’s not part of the woke elite. She doesn’t dislike America. Before she was unfairly cancelled from her job she was a public servant who believed in the promise of America and worked a normal job in service to this country with dignity. She did so in part because her grandmother had instilled in her American values and a belief that “voting matters.” 

If she were white and blonde and if it was some liberal professor unfairly targeting her, you could imagine Shaye as a hero of the Tucker Carlson program, given a platform by the Daily Wire. 

But as we all know Shaye Moss was not valorized for her work-ethic or service to our country in these quarters. Instead it was conservative media that vilified her. Based on a lie. A lie perpetrated by the most powerful man in America who targeted her and demonized her. He called her a “hustler” evoking the vile racist stereotypes he so often traffics in.  She was singled out for smears by the president’s drunk lawyer, a man who used to claim the mantle of America’s mayor. Not Shaye Moss’s America. 

As a result of this deliberate attack from the Oval Office, Moss received the most despicable racist smears and threats. She feared for her safety. People went to her grandmother’s house to try to complete a “citizen’s arrest.”

All of this harassment, her life upended, simply because she was caught doing her job by one “important” man who needed a scapegoat to soothe his wounded ego. A man happy to prey on an unimportant, regular person to maintain power for himself. 

Just thinking about what he put her through is enough to make you wish someone could wipe that shit eating grin off his face to be honest. But alas we have to be better than that.  

We will have to settle for honoring Shaye Moss, a great American who in front of the whole world put her own safety at risk, testifying to the truth, without malice towards the powerful people who did her wrong. 

If only we had 300 million Shaye Mosses. 

4 thoughts on “We Need More Shayes

  1. Trump has no soul. He can demonize people and sit back and watch a mob go after them without so much as blinking an eye. He is no better than Hitler was. Our country is in trouble and too much people are willing to just let bygones be bygones without him facing any punishment for 1/6.


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