4 thoughts on “And Yet, Here We Are.

  1. Apparently, it’s alright (even admirable) to kill a person in war), but stopping the birth of an unwanted/unviable fetus is now a crime. Did the Justices set up any funds to help those new babies who are being brought into the world and who will be turned over to adoption agencies or put on the welfare rolls of the counties and states? Where will this end? This is so so wrong.

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    • Yes. Apparently they love the unborn but as soon as you’re born, all bets are off.

      I grew up in an “unchurched” family but did attend a church here for a few years before becoming disillusioned with it. One thing that got my goat was the revering of men who’d gone to war while railing against women who choose to end a pregnancy. The kicker for me was the pastor saying women do it because pregnancy was “inconvenient.” Grrr…

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  2. Ok here’s an idea. Lets have a law that the use of DNA will be used to identify the male half of the equation. He is then held responsible for $$$$ to help raise the child until it reaches 18 or 29 years. I think it only fair if the woman’s rights are cancelled that the male contributor be included in any “solution” .


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