What Trump Did During Those 187 Minutes

From The Bulwark, by Amanda Carpenter:

Let’s put the idea to rest that Trump “did nothing” during the 187 minutes the attack on the U.S. Capitol was underway. Thanks to the Jan. 6th Committee’s Thursday hearing, we have a very good idea of exactly what Trump did.

Briefly, here it is:

So now everyone can be clear on what Trump did during those 187 minutes. He watched TV, he lobbied senators to delay the vote count, he put a target on Pence’s back, ignored pleas for help, sat around while other leaders organized plans, and then blew the rioters a kiss on their way out the door.

Trump chose not to secure the peace. He, alone, chose violence. He was derelict. That’s pathetic, but it sure ain’t “nothing.”

3 thoughts on “What Trump Did During Those 187 Minutes

  1. I don’t know why he hasn’t, a) been arrested or at least charged with attempting to overthrow the government, and b) allowed to think about running for office again. In my eyes, he’s a criminal. No more, no less. And he’s brought shame to the citizens of this country!


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