Whoops, we forgot women could still vote

Satire from The Washington Post, by Alexandra Petri:

KANSAS — So this is a little embarrassing, but we may have gotten so carried away trying to pass abortion restrictions that we sort of forgot women could still vote! A mind-fart, for sure! When you are sitting there legislating about someone as though they are not there at all — a someone with no rights the state is bound to respect, neither to control what occurs within the bounds of their own body nor, necessarily, to life, even — you can be forgiven for thinking, “Well, this cannot possibly apply to a large swath of the voting population! This isn’t the kind of law you pass about fellow voters! They would say something, probably!”

And, well, they did! Yes, it turns out that women can still vote. Oops! Our bad! Actually, so can everyone else this law would affect, both the pregnant people whose bodies it would presume to control and those who just don’t want that kind of thing happening to their fellow citizens in general! And none of them are pleased! Yikes! They turned out in droves and voted against rolling back the Kansas constitution’s protections for abortion by a pretty overwhelming margin — more than 58 percent voting to preserve them!

You can kind of see why we were thinking this way, though. We thought everybody had already been divided into voters and vessels. The voters got to pass restrictions, and the vessels got to sit there and smile! It’s an easy mistake to make when you are running around the country wildly stripping people’s rights not to be forced to give birth and threatening the livelihoods of those who would offer them correct medical advice that would keep them from dying or suffering cruelly. Those aren’t going to be people you see as equals — certainly not as fully realized people who can vote. That was sort of my assumption, and I’ve been rebuked for it now!

It really gives you pause: Can you actually force significant life choices down fellow voters’ throats, as though they are not your peers under law? And have it be a successful strategy?

Apparently not like this!

But don’t worry. We are chastened, and we won’t repeat this error: We are working very hard on tightening the voting process. Soon, only the ballots we believe in are going to count.

Yes, we did our best to make the messaging as confusing as we could, and, sure, we’ve been working to make it harder to register to vote, but we can always do better. No, not at realizing that this isn’t a winning approach and we should stop trying to take our fellow citizens’ rights away. Certainly not at treating those affected by abortion restrictions as people whose rights deserve respect. But just at fixing this voting oversight.

It seems too clear. People with the ability to choose won’t choose us, so there’s only one solution to securing less choice: less choice.

2 thoughts on “Whoops, we forgot women could still vote

  1. This isn’t just a woman’s issue. Unplanned pregnancies effect men as well. So hope we can repeat this kind of turn out and vote all across the country.


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