Dumbass Quote of the Day

From The Washington Post:

Rep. John Jacob (R):

“The body inside of the mom’s body is not her body. Let me repeat that: The body inside of the mom’s body is not her body. Not her body, not her choice,” said Jacob, astaunch abortion opponent who supported removing exceptions including for rape.

“Trying to end all abortion is not forced birth, but rather it is trying to end murdering children,” he said on the floor.

10 thoughts on “Dumbass Quote of the Day

    • I found it very illuminating the other night on MSNBC when the commentator said that men in these high positions in the GOP believe things like the uterus is part of the stomach. The men (and it IS primarily men) who’re making these laws don’t have a clue how a woman’s body works. Worse, they don’t care.

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  1. I hope the men who are making all these laws are following them up with requirements for child support from the moment of conception from the fathers Women don’t get pregnant by themselves.

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  2. If it’s a foreign body, all the more reason to get rid of it. Why should “they” be able to tell a woman that she must harbor an alien?


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