4 thoughts on “Trump Is a Stand-up Guy

  1. Happened on one of your prior posts and one of the statements caught my attention. Trump thought a good slogan for Republicans would be “Republicans are the party of health care”. ROFL here… yeah, Republicans want to be known for their caring attitude towards the health of women. Riiight!

    Sounds Good to Me MARCH 27, 2019 | TEXASTRAILERPARKTRASH From the Washington Post:

    House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) urged President Trump to hold off on pushing for a court-ordered destruction of the Affordable Care Act, advice the president ultimately ignored, according to a senior Republican official familiar with the conversation.

    The unheeded counsel, which McCarthy recounted to fellow lawmakers in recent days, underscores the angst that has set in among Republicans now that Trump is pursuing the politically precarious strategy with no plan in hand to replace Barack Obama’s signature health-care law.

    During a closed-door lunch on Tuesday, Trump relayed to Senate Republicans that he had come up with a slogan — “Republicans are the party of health care” — on the short ride over from the White House to the Capitol, said people familiar with the gathering, who requested anonymity to discuss private conversations. – – – – – – – – – – – Trump told the Republicans that he “owned” the issues of the economy and border security, but the party is vulnerable on health care. He said he wanted to get a new plan during the election, according to those familiar with the gathering.

    Trump’s strategy has hardly been universally embraced.

    “It’s the dumbest thing I have ever heard,” said a senior GOP aide, who requested anonymity to speak candidly. “It is the equivalent of punching yourself in the face repeatedly.”

    Image result for punching yourself in the face


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