Marjorie Taylor Greene mocked for suggesting solar and wind energy don’t work at night

I guess she never heard of batteries.

From Yahoo! Finance:

Marjorie Taylor Greene suggested that solar and wind energy don’t work at night, prompting online mockery.

The Georgia Republican was speaking in front of an audience when she suggested that if the US takes measures to move to the use of more renewable energy, including wind turbines and solar panels, it would lead to fridges, washing machines, and air conditioners becoming unusable.

She appeared to suggest that electric lights would only work during the day and that there wouldn’t be sufficient power for all the appliances in a modern home.

“Thank god for air conditioning. Let’s talk about refrigerators. I personally like my refrigerator. I know you all like yours. What about washing machines and dryers? Lord please God don’t make me scrub clothes in a bucket and have to hang them out on a line when we switch over to wind turbines and solar panels,” she said. “I’m gonna be really pissed off about that. I mean, how absurd is this? I like the lights on. I wanna stay up later at night. I don’t wanna have to go to bed when the sun sets. It’s so silly! I mean, all of this is insane.”

The Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy states on its website that “the United States is a resource-rich country with abundant renewable energy resources. The amount available is 100 times that of the nation’s annual electricity need”.

5 thoughts on “Marjorie Taylor Greene mocked for suggesting solar and wind energy don’t work at night

  1. Uh, the winds stop when the sun goes down? ROFL here. Stupid…. She should have kept her mouth shut and continued to allow people to wonder whether she was stupid or not.


  2. If we get half our energy from solar and have from wind, when the sun goes down our energy supply would be cut in half. That half would be insufficient to run all the appliances and power everything else, At present , we have no technology to store solar energy by batteries or anything else to maintain sufficient load of power over night to meet our needs. Half if our demand and use of electricity would gave to be shut down. That could include half our air conditioners. There may be a time in the future when we learn how to store solar energy in sufficient capacity and our scientists and engineers are working on solving that problem, but at present there is no technology to store that much power.


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