How About Children Who Give Birth to Children?

From The Texas Tribune:

On abortion, moderators pressed Abbott on remarks he made months ago, advising victims of rape to seek Plan B, a form of emergency contraception, to avoid becoming pregnant. Abbott said the state would pay for emergency contraception and make it readily accessible at hospitals and clinics.

When asked if Plan B was the alternative to an abortion for victims of rape, Abbott stumbled.

“An alternative, obviously, is to do what we can to assist and aid the victim. And that is to help get them the medical assistance that they need and the care that they need,” Abbott said. He said the state could offer living assistance and “baby supplies” to rape victims who give birth to children.

Texas preemptively passed a “trigger law” banning almost all abortions, including those in instances of rape and incest, that went into effect after the U.S. Supreme Court reversed Roe v. Wade.

Emergency contraception is out of reach for the lowest-income Texans, many of whom are uninsured and face a dearth of state programs to access resources like Plan B to prevent pregnancy.

5 thoughts on “How About Children Who Give Birth to Children?

  1. Abbott’s attitude would be different if HE was the one who had been raped and was pregnant. Such idiocy… and the people of Texas elected HIM to represent them? Sad indeed.


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