Jeezus, Has It Really Come to This?

During a visit to the American Red Cross National Headquarters in Washington on Thursday afternoon, President Trump wore a mask in public for the third time.

Surgeon General Jerome M. Adams also gave Trump a message from supporters he said he met with recently in Miami.

“I was in Trump country,” Adams said. “They told me to deliver you a message, Mr. President. They told me to tell you [that] you look badass in a face mask. I promised them I would tell you that.”

“Miami,” Adams added, “I told the president he looks badass in a face mask.”

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Shocked, I Tell You, Just Shocked!

Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt, who has aggressively pushed to reopen his state and flouted experts’ health recommendations, announced Wednesday that he is the first governor to test positive for coronavirus.

Stitt, a Republican, said at a press conference that he was tested on Tuesday and that he feels “fine,” other than being a “little bit achy.” He said he’ll be quarantining and working from home, and that he was “pretty shocked” to be the first governor to get the virus. He added that he would isolating away from his family, whom he said tested negative.

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Gov. Stitt welcomes you to Oklacovid!


Trump to Hold Next Rally in Bunker

Satire from The Borowitz Report, by Andy Borowitz:

TULSA (The Borowitz Report)—Stung by the paltry turnout at his Saturday-night rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Donald J. Trump’s campaign has announced plans to hold his next rally in the bunker beneath the White House.

In announcing the rally, Brad Parscale, the chairman of Trump’s reëlection campaign, denied that the choice of venue reflected a tepid level of enthusiasm to see the candidate speak.

“The bunker holds forty people,” Parscale said. “That is a much larger seating capacity than Joe Biden’s basement.”

Despite the choice of such an intimate venue, however, Trump campaign sources are privately worried that they may have difficulty filling the bunker.

According to one source, Jared Kushner spent all of Sunday morning on the phone begging people to attend the bunker rally.

“All of Jared’s friends said they’re coming, so that’s five seats right there,” the source said.

President Donald Trump in front of empty stadium seats


And Nobody Had Ever Heard of Finland Either

From Politico:

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal published Thursday, the president claimed ignorance to the historical significance of June 19, telling the paper that it was ultimately a black Secret Service agent who filled him in on the date’s significance.

But the president told the Journal that for all the backlash, “I did something good: I made Juneteenth very famous.”

Trump suggested that news coverage of the rally brought much-needed attention to the date, even though all but two U.S. states officially mark the day, also known as Emancipation Day.

“It’s actually an important event, an important time,” Trump argued, “But nobody had ever heard of it.”

Despite Trump’s claim that the holiday was not well-known, his White House has released a statement — attributed to the president and first lady — commemorating Juneteenth for each of the three years he’s been in office, a fact that surprised Trump when, according to the Journal, he paused Thursday’s interview to ask an aide if she had heard of Juneteenth.

“Oh really? We put out a statement? The Trump White House put out a statement?” he responded. “OK, OK. Good.”

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“And nobody ever heard of Finland either until I made it famous by saying it was part of Russia.”



Quote of the Day

From Politico, on Trump’s response to the NFL allowing players to kneel to protest racial injustice and NASCAR banning Confederate flags:

“He completely missed the boat,” said Rick Reilly, a former Sports Illustrated and ESPN contributor and the author of “Commander in Cheat: How Golf Explains Trump.”

“It’s like somehow his cable that comes into the White House is set in 1962, he’s so far behind,” Reilly added. “This is a watershed moment and he’s lost. It’s like your grandpa who thinks Joe DiMaggio is still playing.”

Donald Trump pictured in uniform as a cadet captain | Daily Mail ...

                                            THE “GOOD OLD DAYS”






The “Good Old Days”