Most Revealing Tweets of the Day

Referencing Trump’s earlier tweet condemning “hate” in Charlottesville, VA—

 David Duke @DrDavidDuke

I would recommend you take a good look in the mirror & remember it was White Americans who put you in the presidency, not radical leftists.

And then this—

So, after decades of White Americans being targeted for discriminated & anti-White hatred, we come together as a people, and you attack us?


Remember this?

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But If He’d Voted “Yes”—Hey, No Problem.

From CNN:

Republican Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin said Tuesday that he thinks that Sen. John McCain’s brain tumor and the early morning hours may have affected the Arizona Republican’s no vote on the Senate bill to repeal Obamacare.

McCain voted no on the so-called skinny repeal, explaining in a radio interview last week that he disagreed with the process leading up to the vote and saying he supported repealing Obamacare but with an immediate replacement. McCain returned to the Senate to vote on health care-related legislation after a surgery to remove a blood clot revealed he had brain cancer.

Johnson argued that the brain tumor may have affected McCain’s vote.

“We did get a call from Paul (Ryan) and he assured us that skinny repeal was not going to pass the House it would have to go to conference,” said the Wisconsin senator on AM560 “Chicago’s Morning Answer.”

“Again, I’m not gonna speak for John McCain — he has a brain tumor right now — that vote occurred at 1:30 in the morning, some of that might have factored in,” he continued.

Seemingly shocked, a radio host responded “really?” to Johnson’s comments and asked if he really believed McCain’s brain tumor might have factored into his judgment.

“Again, I-I-I don’t know exactly what — we really thought — and again I don’t want speak for any senator,” Johnson responded. “I really thought he was going to vote yes to send that to conference at 10:30 at night. By about 1, 1:30, he voted no. So you have talk to John in terms what was on his mind.”


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Mr. Hobbs Takes a Vacation

From the Washington Post, on Trump’s 17 day vacation at his golf club in New Jersey:

Still, even some close to Trump hope that his time in this 8,200-person township about 45 miles west of New York City will provide as much of an August respite as possible from his first six months in the White House.

“It’s good for everyone,” Barry Bennett, a Trump adviser during the campaign, said of the break. “It’s good for the president, and it’s good for Washington. I hope it’s a few hard days of nothingness.”


We could all use a respite from his first six months in office.

Isn’t this the same man who said this:

“I would rarely leave the White House because there’s so much work to be done,” Trump said in July 2015. “I would not be a president who took vacations. I would not be a president that takes time off.”

Easy For You To Say, Mr. President

From The Wall Street Journal interview with Donald Trump:

“But I said to Gary, I said, you know, Gary, you go to certain sections and you’re going to need people to work in these massive plants that we’re getting, that are moving in. Where do we have the people? You know where we have the people? In New York state that can’t get jobs, in many other places that can’t get jobs. And people are going to have to start moving. They’re going to move to Colorado and they’re going to move to Iowa and Wisconsin and places where – like if Foxconn goes to Wisconsin, which is one of the places they’re very strongly considering – but if Foxconn goes to Wisconsin and they have a very low rate and the governor’s done an excellent job, you’re going to have a situation where you got to get the people. But they’re going to start moving. And I’m going to start explaining to people when you have an area that just isn’t working – like upper New York state, where people are getting very badly hurt – and then you’ll have another area 500 miles away where you can’t – you can’t get people, I’m going to explain you can leave, it’s OK, don’t worry about your house.

You know, a lot of them don’t leave because of their house. Because they say, gee, my house, I thought it was worth 70,000 (dollars) and now it’s worth nothing. It’s OK. Go, cut your losses, right?”

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No, I’m Pretty Sure That’s What He Meant, Rex.

From CNN:

The goal of all US foreign policy now, he (Rex Tillerson) said, was to make good on President Donald Trump’s campaign slogan to “make America great again.”
“That’s not just a slogan,” Tillerson said. “It is what guides our formulation” of policy, he said. But Tillerson cautioned that, “When we say ‘America First,’ it doesn’t mean America alone.”

We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ History Lesson

From CNN:

During the meeting with interns, Kushner additionally touched on the issue of brokering a peace deal in the Middle East — a task given to him by Trump.
In audio obtained by Wired, Kushner talked at length about how he’s been approaching the role, saying it’s a very “emotionally charged situation” that he’s tried to read and to meet with many people about.
“Everyone finds an issue, that, ‘You have to understand what they did then’ and ‘You have to understand that they did this.’ But how does that help us get peace? Let’s not focus on that. We don’t want a history lesson. We’ve read enough books. Let’s focus on how do you come up with a conclusion to the situation,” he said.
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“No Health Care for You, John McCain!”

From Politico:

President Donald Trump continued his social media attacks on Senate Republicans Saturday afternoon, calling on lawmakers to “demand another vote” to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act unless they “are total quitters.”

“Unless the Republican Senators are total quitters, Repeal & Replace is not dead! Demand another vote before voting on any other bill!” the president wrote on Twitter.

Trump also on Saturday afternoon seemingly warned lawmakers that if a new health care bill is “not approved quickly,” he could revoke their health care benefits.

“If a new HealthCare Bill is not approved quickly, BAILOUTS for Insurance Companies and BAILOUTS for Members of Congress will end very soon!” the president wrote.

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Ah, Sweet Revenge

So, y’all remember that time during the presidential campaign when Donald Trump said he didn’t consider John McCain a hero because he “likes people who weren’t captured?”

Yeah. I remember it too. And I’m sure John McCain remembered it last night when he cast the deciding vote to put a stake through the heart of the “skinny-ass repeal” bill no Republican senator actually wanted to become law.

Granted, McCain is no fan of Obamacare. He was practically dragged out of his deathbed by fellow Republicans to come to the Senate to save their sorry-ass bill so it could pass further along (as Andrew Sullivan wrote in New York Magazine today, “…like a kidney stone through the constitutional system.”)

But McCain hated this monstrosity too because it was the antithesis of how a bill should be passed.  Plus, he didn’t trust that Ayn Randian accolyte, Paul Ryan, when he said he could control his House members enough to keep them from passing this turd.

Sure, Paul. [insert eyeroll]

And then there’s the lovely Lisa Murkowski. I’m beginning to be a fan of hers. Ryan Zinke, the Secretary of the Interior, tried to put the ham-handed squeeze on her because she’d previously voted “no” for advancing the bill to the Senate floor for debate.

The Alaska Dispatch News on Thursday reported that Zinke had called Senators Lisa Murkowski and Dan Sullivan, both Republicans, on Wednesday. He warned them that Murkowski’s vote on Tuesday against a motion to begin debate on the healthcare overhaul could have negative consequences for energy and land use in Alaska, the newspaper said. Murkowski’s no vote forced Vice President Mike Pence to cast a tie-breaking vote to pass the motion by a 51-50 ballot.

But Zinke failed to note that Murkowski is basically his boss. So Zinke didn’t reckon with this happening, as per CNN:

Murkowski chairs the Senate energy and natural resources committee and frequently references Alaska priorities in her position. She also oversees the confirmation process for the Interior Department.
A committee hearing on nominations to the Department of Interior and Department of Energy that was scheduled for Thursday was postponed Wednesday afternoon without a determined reschedule date.
Murkowski told CNN Thursday that the nominations vote was delayed just to work out a “little bump.”
Well played, Lisa. And well played, John McCain.
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