Texas Hoof in Mouth Disease

Texas GOP Rep. Randy Neugebauer was heard calling Rep. Bart Stupak “baby killer” on the floor of the House last night.  

Today he tried to explain that congressional faux pas away by saying he was actually referring to the health care reform bill as “a baby killer.”

Yeah, sure. 

Either way, he’s wrong.  (Don’t confuse him with the facts.)

This is for you, Rep. Neugebauer:


Paging Levi Johnston…

Unfortunate wording of the day in a statement regarding the possible reasons for the alarming rise in teen pregnancies:

“It could be a lot of things coming together,” said Rebecca Maynard, a professor of economics and social policy at the University of Pennsylvania. “It could be we just bottomed out, and whenever you are at the bottom, it tends to wiggle around. This may or may not be a sustained rise.”

Ha!  This sounds like a fake quote from Davis Logsdon or Tracy Klugian in Andy Borowitz’ “The Borowitz Report”, but it’s real, folks.

Can’t make this stuff up…