Virtually Painted Out


Okay, this is my last painting for the Virtual Paintout for October.  Really.  This one is The Royal Bar in Belfast.

I’m going to be doing a marathon “Memaw” gig with the grandkids for the next week and a half, staying at their house overnight and taking them to school and picking them up in the afternoons.  My daughter will be in N. Carolina showing her most recent furniture designs at the big furniture mart in Highpoint, and my son-in-law will be finishing up his last week at the police academy (yay!) and will take his final exam at the end of the week.  There is one week left after that of practice tests for the state exam. 

It has been a long five months of his leaving every morning at 5:30 am for the commute to Austin, tons of state and local penal codes to memorize, physical tests of endurance, practice encounters with “bad guys” (and gals), being pepper sprayed and then still having to run several obstacle courses under the effects, the list goes on and on what he’s gone through to achieve his dream.  We’re very proud of him and have infinite respect for the men and women in blue who are there to protect us every day.

So, I will be coming home every other day or so to make sure the cats haven’t eaten Hubby, but I don’t know about creating any new cartoons or other artwork.  Well….maybe some cartoons.  hee hee

Pray for us—I think we’ll need it.  My grandson was coughing yesterday at McDonald’s, so I think we might be in for it.