Well, That Birther “Apology” Didn’t Last Long

From Politico:

Donald Trump appeared to question the legitimacy of Barack Obama’s presidency on Saturday, referring to him at a rally as the “quote ‘president.'”

“And she wants 550 percent more coming from Syria than the thousands and thousands that our president, quote ‘president,’ has coming in,” Trump said in attacking Hillary Clinton’s position on refugees during a rally at the Cross Insurance Center.

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I Pledge Allegiance to a Nation of Pinheads

From Politico.com in an article about Donald Trump’s speech in Phoenix today:

“He says what he means like I do. He’s not wishy-washy,” said Joan Rosicki, 67, of Phoenix. “He’s for the people. It doesn’t matter if you’re male or female. He also is for the Spanish people. I am, too. We just don’t like the lawlessness.”

She said she had been a fan of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie until he took a helicopter ride with, and hugged, President Obama in the wake of Hurricane Sandy in 2012. Of the president, she said, “he wants to be a dictator. I don’t know if he’s ever going to leave. My friends all told me he has to because of the First Amendment.”


There is so much… just plain stoopid here. I can’t even.




Hey, GOP–The Election is Over. Deal With It.

I read this at the Washington Post and thought it bears repeating here.  It’s written by Christopher Hahn, a Democratic consultant and Fox News (gasp) contributor:

Those of you who know anything about me know I love a good debate.  I love intelligent conversation about politics and the issues facing the nation.  Today I am drawing a line in the sand that shouldn’t even be necessary.  If you insist on questioning the legitimacy of President Obama I will no longer respond to you. Enough is enough. Go away, you have no place in the national conversation.

This includes referring to him as follows: “Your President,” “The Democrats’ President” or using the conservatives’ weird illiterate slur calling him the “Democrat Party President” and any other attempt to say he’s not legitimately our president. Let me give a special shoutout to the “president” that I‘ve been getting a lot on Facebook and Twitter.  That one has to stop for a variety of reasons. I understand that conservatives hate science and math, but do they also oppose grammar?

Get over it conservatives. He was elected by a majority of the popular vote twice. The last president to accomplish that was Ronald Reagan and he did that even after he raised taxes twice in his first term. For the record, Obama has never raised taxes on anyone. President Obama won nine of 10 competitive contests.  His party picked up seats in the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives.  He won, he’s the president.  If you want to argue with me about Obamacare, Benghazi, or sequester, then have at it. But save your quotes for appropriate purposes. “I’ve had it!”

Look, I know you’re upset that the 2010 election of conservative governors in swing states didn’t help keep Obama voters from the polls in 2012.  I’m sure you thought long lines would deter lazy liberals.  I know you had your heart set on Donald Trump’s October surprise.  I bet you thought the tea party was an enduring movement and that voter ID laws would scare Latinos and students.  It turns out the only state that worked in was Texas, and Texas wasn’t in play this year.  It will be in 2016, I hope you enjoy fighting for that one; it’s blue by 2020 unless you make drastic changes to your platform.

So here’s my advice to my many conservative friends, family and followers: get over it.  Acceptance is the final stage of grief and its time you come to terms with the election of our president and the end of your party as a national force.  The sooner you do that, the quicker you can rebuild.  America needs at least two parties having a legitimate debate on the issues. The ridiculous demonization of the president’s legitimacy hurts everyone. Please stop.


No “Apolgy” for Stupidity

You may remember my post last week about the rained-out Tea Party protest in our town.  Well, it seems some protesters did manage to endure the rain long enough to stand on the street corner in the main part of town with their “tasteful signage” (read: no photos of President Obama as Hitler, but apart from that, anything goes). 

Unfortunately, they also displayed their ignorance of spelling, as evidenced by the large sign being hoisted by the idiot lady patriot in front.

“No apolgy”? 

I’m sorry, (not really) but when I saw this photo in our local paper yesterday, I laughed my ass off.  Even though this area is a hotbed of Republicanism, the editor of our paper (thank you, Lord) doesn’t seem to be of a same mind and often publishes editorials that cause much rending of garments and gnashing of teeth among the Conservatives.  He must really have gotten a hoot out of this photo. 

I’m sure he’ll catch “hail” in the Letters to the Editor next week for intentionally publishing this….um….unflattering photo.  I love it.

It’s hard to imagine there wasn’t someone in that crowd who looked at the sign and thought “Hmmm…..somethang ain’t right here.”

But then again, these were Tea Party-ers. 

Could they be any more stupid?


Stick a Fork in Me…

…I’m done.  With politics, with the Democratic party, with listening to the blabbering talking heads and pundits.  Everything.  I can’t take it anymore.  This country is getting dumber as each day passes.  I’m beyond caring at this point. 

If “the People” want to keep things the way they were 50, 60 or 100 years ago, I say let ’em have it.   If they’re that dim, then they deserve the country they get under President Palin or whatever reactionary idiot they choose.  Education, science, reason, intelligence…forget about it.  “The People” just want someone they can knock back a beer with. 

Count me out.

Cats are better.  Put your trust in animals, they never let you down.