Culvey, Caught in the Act

Culvey cleaning

I did this quick sketch today of my cat, Culvey, caught in the act of cleaning his private parts on my bed.  Culvey is about a year old but we’ve only had him around six months.  We found him and his brother, Roadie, living in a culvert on the side of our road.  Since we live out in the country, people think it’s the ideal dumping ground for unwanted cats and dogs.  Culvey and Roadie were barely out of kittenhood and had no source of food or water apart from what they could find in the surrounding fields.  We rescued them and had them neutered (Roadie had the additional problem of having a rhinotracheitis infection that the vet cleared up.)  Now, as you can see, they’re living the Life of Riley.

(My husband says this sketch reminds him of George Booth cartoons, of whom we’re both great fans.  There’s one in the current edition of The New Yorker magazine.  Booth always draws cats in various states of distinctly feline behavior—cleaning, sitting with their backs to the viewer, and freaking out in “cat fits.”)