Carly Fiorina—Another Great GOP Scientific Mind

Speaking at a town hall on Thursday in Alden, Iowa, Fiorina responded to a question from a mother of five who claimed that one of her children had an adverse reaction to a vaccination, saying “It’s always the parent’s choice.” She continued by referencing her pre-teen daughter, whom Fiorina said was bullied by a school nurse into being vaccinated for the human papilloma virus, a sexually transmitted disease.

“Measles is one thing…,”Fiorina said.  

Fiorina, who ran for Senate in California in 2010, said she disagreed with the state’s decision recently to eliminate a parent’s right not to vaccinate their children, even in cases of religious objection.

From the Daily Kos–written by Hunter: “This is, I’m afraid, an easy one. If your religion says your child might get a potentially deadly disease but you’re not allowed to prevent it with a simple series of shots because that would go against God’s Will, your religion is stupid and wrong. Shh—no. No more talking. God at no point said you couldn’t wear your seat belts because if it is his will that you be catapulted through your windshield and be reduced to a stain on the back of a sleepy trucker’s rig, you had better not thwart him on that, nor did he warn against bandaging your gaping wounds because if God says it’s time for you to bleed out you had better sit there on your ass and bleed out with dignity, and if you think God wants to give you polio in order to better spread His Holy Infectious Word you’re wrong and none of the rest of us have to listen to you.

Where was I? Ah, right. Trying to parse out just what Fiorina’s actual policy stance is when it comes to childhood vaccinations. She seems to be strongly for them, except for the one preventing cancer, because that’s the one we should defer to religion on, in that a lot of parents don’t particularly mind their kid someday getting a preventable cancer if they don’t have to explain the birds and the bees to their little princess. On all the others she demands parents be given the right to let their kids get deadly communicable diseases, but also supports the rest of society then shunning those kids as a matter of immunological self-defense, and all of it sounds a great deal more complicated than Just Get Your Damn Shots Already.

There’s nothing quite like the rigors of the campaign trail to unclarify a person’s belief system. This whole thing smells strongly of just tell me what to say, for God’s sake, and I’ll say it.”