The Blind Leading the Blind

From New York Magazine:

“Well I will sever connections and I’ll have my children and my executives run the company,” Trump told “Fox & Friends” in the first segment of a two-part telephone interview. “And I won’t discuss it with them. It’s just so unimportant compared to what we’re doing about making America great again. I just wouldn’t care. I guess you can say there’s a conflict because as the company — country — gets stronger, that’s good for all companies, right? But I wouldn’t care. It’s so unimportant compared to what I’m doing right now.”

The sort of enmeshment between a country’s leadership and business class, where wealthy rulers can enrich themselves through their public behavior, is a hallmark of the post-Soviet realm of which Trump is famously envious. Trump’s response to the conflict of interest is to assure his listeners that it wouldn’t matter because he loves his country so, so much. (As does Vladimir Putin.)

Amazingly, Trump has managed to blur the distinction between a blind trust and the opposite of a blind trust so thoroughly that the media is now repeating his own terms. “The Republican nominee has previously indicated,” reports Politico, “that he would place the businesses in a blind trust run by his children and executives.” Again, a “blind trust run by his children and executives” is not a thing.

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