Wrong End, Guv’nors

Speaking as a former dental hygienist, I’m thankful I was never asked to perform a pap smear, although Gov. Kasich and Gov. Scott seem to believe I’m capable:

“Florida is the latest state attempting to pull funding from Planned Parenthood, passing a bill in the legislature that would ban state agencies from contracting or working with any organization or center that provides abortions for anything beyond extreme circumstances (rape, incest, or risking the health of the mother). Governor Rick Scott has to decide whether he will make like John Kasich and sign it into law.

As expected, the bill’s proponents trotted out their requisite list of alternate qualified healthcare centers during hearings. And as one might guess, the list provides some unlikely sources for women’s healthcare, like podiatrists, optometrists, the Salvation Army, 67 schools ranging from elementary to high schools, and dentists. Presumably Florida lawmakers know that vagina dentata is a myth, and the only thing women’s reproductive health and women’s teeth have in common is, well, being part of a woman.”


Attention Walmart Flossers…

When I got out of my car at Walmart today, a used flosspick was on the pavement next to my parking spot:



Question of the day:  If there are people who go to Walmart who actually use flosspicks, why are so many of them missing teeth?
Would these products do more to encourage Walmart shoppers to floss?


Somehow, I don’t think this next one would be popular:

Or, we could resort to our baser natures and go for the dog butt floss dispenser:


Why do I notice stuff like used flosspicks?
You can take the girl out of dental hygiene, but you can’t take the dental hygienist out of the girl.  
Or something.