A Pox on Thee

I read today where 12 out of the 17 Duggar kids who haven’t escaped are still living at home had been ill recently with chickenpox.  All at the same time. 

Gee, there’s a surprise. 

Why would anyone expect the parents to do the right thing and have their children vaccinated for this completely avoidable childhood illness? 

Surely not I. 

Michelle Duggar believes God wants her to crank out baby after baby, so I guess to her it’s only fitting that those same kids should suffer some of the diseases He’s cooked up over the millennia. 

(But not any farther back than 6,000 years, mind you.)   

If every sperm is sacred, then every virus should have its day too.

On that blending of the ecclesiastical and the biological, I’m re-posting a cartoon I created when the Duggars announced the birth of their 19th child.