Trump’s Firm Grasp of Civics and Other Myths

From Politico, by Trump regarding the caravan of migrants:

“Now we’re starting to find out — and I won’t say it 100 percent, I’ll put it a little tiny question mark on the end, but we’re not going to get it, but we have the fake news back there, fake news — a lot of money has been passing through people to try to get to the border by Election Day, because they think that is a negative for us,” the president told the crowd. “Number one, they are being stopped and number two, regardless, that’s our issue.”

At the rally, the president added that Democrats figured “everybody coming in” was going to vote for their candidates — though he did not mention that only legal citizens can participate in elections, and that attaining nationality and registering to vote is a process that can’t be completed before Nov. 6.

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And Yet Another One “Hoist With His Own Petard”

The Florida lawmaker under fire over racially inflammatory remarks toward his African-American colleagues has resigned, a spokeswoman for the Florida Senate Majority Office told CNN. The embattled state senator, Frank Artiles, submitted his letter of resignation to Senate President Joe Negron on Friday, just days after apologizing on the Senate floor for his remarks.

And what remarks were those? Well, here you go, sir:

Artiles was having drinks at the Governors Club in Tallahassee with fellow Sens. Audrey Gibson and Perry Thurston when he told the pair that Senate President Joe Negron had only risen to his position of power because “six [N-word]” in the Republican caucus elected him,The Miami Herald reported. Gibson and Thurston are both black.

On Wednesday, Artiles apologized on the Senate floor for his remarks.
“I extend a heartfelt apology to my colleagues and to all those I have offended,” Artiles said in his prepared remarks.
He also apologized to Gibson for calling her a “bitch” during his tirade.