Art on the Laundry Room Door


I love French advertising posters, and the art of T. Steinlen in particular.  I did this painting (with apologies to Steinlen) on the door leading out of the laundry room in the little 1870’s limestone house where we lived here in Texas until a year ago.  This is an ad for the Clinique Cheron veterinary hospital.  The really funny thing is after I did the painting, we had cats come into our lives that looked just like the ones pictured here.  Coincidence?  I think not. 

This painting was done with craft paint and took me the better part of a month because the light was only good for about four hours a day in that room.  Artificial light just made it too glary to work.  (Is glary even a word?)  I liked this ad because we have practically run our own veterinary hospital over the years, what with all the stray dogs and cats we’ve taken in.  At one point we had seven dogs and one cat.  Now we have six cats and one dog.  Go figure….