Glenn Beck’s Fever Dream

Radio host Glenn Beck is urging GOP presidential candidates Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio to team up to oppose Donald Trump.
 Beck called for a ticket of “Ted Cruz for president, Marco Rubio as vice president,” on his radio show Wednesday, according to The Blaze. Beck has already endorsed Cruz for president.
 The radio host laid out a plan for other prominent GOP figures to align themselves with a Cruz-Rubio team.
 “Say our Supreme Court nominee is Mike Lee,” Beck said, suggesting the Utah senator as a replacement for the late Justice Antonin Scalia.
 “Rand Paul is going to be Treasury secretary. Ben Carson, we’re going to back you with everything we have to take Rubio’s Senate seat. How is that not a win for absolutely everybody?”
Somebody needs to check Glenn for the Zika virus because he’s clearly hallucinating.
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Last Call

I went to our local library today to return a couple of books I’d checked out last week.  Usually I’m pretty lucky in picking out something worthwhile to read.  Our library is kind of small but it does have its complete catalog online now, which is a big help in determining beforehand which stacks I’ll be browsing.

This time though, I went in completely clueless.  Let’s see…fiction?  Emm….No.  I tend to get too involved with a story and come to resent it when the author plays around with my emotions.  That’s my mother’s job.

Our library has a rather extensive “Texas” collection, with a whole room upstairs devoted to it.  Nah…I’m not a native Texan so the only Texas history I know is LBJ, the Bushes, and Kinky Friedman (who is also a mystery writer, by the way.)  Someday I’ll get around to his book “Kill Two Birds and Get Stoned.”

The political section could be interesting if it didn’t have so many copies of Anne Coulter and Glenn Beck leering out at me from the shelves.  (I have been tempted to take some of them and “mis-file” them, but I think that’s what happened with the only copy of “The God Problem” by atheist Richard Dawkins, since I haven’t been able to locate it.  I bet if I looked in the Texas room under “Varmints” I’d probably find it.) 

I decided to browse the biography section, starting with the “A’s” and working my way down alphabetically.  I’m afraid I gave short shrift to the books on the bottom shelves because it required cricking up my neck too much to read the titles.  Yes, I’m that lazy. 

I gave a pass to Maya Angelou (book too thin), Lucille Ball (book too thick),  Princess Di (too sad), Ava Gardner (too drunk), Judy Garland (ditto), Cary Grant (too handsome…hmmm…maybe later),  Audrey Hepburn (already read one), Adolph Hitler (too crazy).

I finally landed on one that felt just right.  It’s called “American Jezebel–The Uncommon Life of Anne Hutchinson–The Woman Who Defied the Puritans.”  Anyway, we’ll see.

Although engrossed in my search, I was vaguely aware that the rather large room was becoming quieter and quieter.  Usually there are at least three or four other browsers around me and a couple more folks on their laptops.  I really didn’t think anything of it.  I was kind of enjoying the peacefulness of it all, like I had the whole place to myself. 

Turns out, I did.

As I was looking at some art books, a lady came around the end of the stacks and informed me that the library was closing. 

 WTF?  At 2:00 pm? 

It seems that 2:00 is, indeed, their Friday closing time (It’s on a big sign on the front door as you come in—but who reads?)

I apologized for being the last one standing and hurriedly checked out my book.

Maybe I should have picked the book about Lucille Ball. 

I wonder if Lucy ever got locked in at the library…


Yackk! Get Over It!

This morning at 5:00 am, National Hairball Awareness Day arrived a little early.  That joyous day usually falls on April 30, but my cat, Culvey, (and his digestive system) couldn’t wait to get the party started.  


I heard him yackking and flew out of bed to make sure he wasn’t depositing his celebratory gift on the rug in the living room.  No, instead he was leaving it on the rug in the kitchen.  After cleaning up the results of his revelry, I went back to bed, only to have the party animal jump on my chest and attempt to plant a big smooch on my mouth, not unlike a drunken husband returning home from a bachelor party in the wee hours of the morning.

Since today isn’t the official day for hairball awareness (although I was extremely aware of it at five in the morning) I wondered what special treat March 9 held in store.  This day must have some kind of designation to set it apart from the other 364. 

I went on trusty old Google and discovered a list of various celebrations and awarenesses that have been bestowed on most of the days found on our modern calendar. 

Guess what?  In an amazing tie-in to hairball awareness (one that could only have been cooked up by a conspiracy theorist or Glenn Beck) today is :

National “Get Over It!” Day

And, it even has its own poem!  Courtesy of www.getoveritday.com:



Plus, today is also Barbie Day and Panic Day.  (Been there, done that.)

Tomorrow is Registered Dieticians’ Day, maybe something my cat could profit from.

And, if you think National Hairball Awareness Day is gross, just be glad I didn’t include a link to the Cat Butt Museum.


A View of the U.S. from “Across the Pond”

I received this wonderfully insightful comment today on my post “Pledge Allegiance to the Nation of Pinheads” from Heatherslalaland who lives in Scotland.  It gives us a great perspective on how the people in the UK view the healthcare battle in the U.S. and the lies of the Party of “NO” that seem to be shaping that battle.

“The whole healthcare issue in the States really sticks in our throats here in the UK – we’re being dragged in as political pawns and being paraded as everything that’s wrong with ’socialised’ healthcare. In fact, it’s infuriating us.

The likes of Glenn Beck (I really choke at the mere mention of that despicable excuse for a human being) is rounding in on us and our system, dragging us through the muck with them. This is the guy who last year said that the existing healthcare in the US was appalling, but now sits on the other side of the fence since he moved network.

I notice that they bring the UK and Canada in to describe everything that’s wrong with free personal care. Yet, they don’t bring in any other country. Most of, if not all, of Europe has free healthcare. Countries like France, Germany, Belgium, Sweden and many more have fabulous systems of free healthcare, but they aren’t mentioned anywhere, because it would harm the Republican cause.

Our system is nowhere near perfect, but every single person has the right to treatment. Our waiting times have dropped dramatically, especially in Scotland, where the Scottish and not the UK govt has control of health. I think it’s astonishing that the richest nation on the planet has one of the worst healthcare records and some of the poorest people in the world – coming in at 53rd! They have a flaming cheek to talk about our system.

If people don’t want to wait for treatment here, they can take out health insurance if they so wish. I know I did when I could afford it, but I no longer can, and I’m thankful everyday that, should I fall ill I will be guaranteed treatment. It may not be as good as having health insurance but it’s nowhere near as bad as Medicare is. I’m sure that if free healthcare was introduced in the US, that those who don’t wish to wait would carry on paying for health insurance, because they can, whilst those who can’t afford it will be safe in the knowledge that they will receive treatment no matter what!”

Thank you so much for taking the time to write this, Heatherslalaland. 

Wish you were here!