I Just Flew in from L.A. and Boy, Are My Arms Tired…

Conversation between my husband and me today about the gym at the Wellness Center where I’ve been working out—

He:  “It’s nice that it’s not like a lot of the other fitness places.  You don’t have a bunch of people standing around waiting for you to finish up with equipment.”

Me:  “Yeah, that is nice.  It’s mainly old folks like us.  

[Names a few names of acquaintances.] 

When I go, there’s probably nobody under the age of 60.  No one making moves on anyone or trying to impress.”

He:  “Not exactly the singles scene, is it?”

Me:  “No.  More like the shingles scene.”

Ba-da-bum, ching!  Thank you ladies and germs!  I’ll be here all week!