Deck the Halls, and All That Jazz

Our Christmas tree. (A little bigger than Charlie Brown size.)


I made the red and white heart-shaped Scandinavian paper ornaments 45 years ago.


The tree, ready for its closeup, Mr. DeMille. The little red knit booties near the top were worn by my daughter for her first Christmas when she was a month old. (She's 39 now.) The felt train engine under the tree on the tree skirt was on a baby shower gift I received when my son was born. (He's 44 now. Sheesh! I'm old...)


The dining room, decked out for Christmas.


The dining room hutch takes a bow.


Neferkitty, in all her "kitteh" loveliness.


Culvey, all duded up in his tuxedo.


Chinese Tang horse meets Santa and his reindeer.