Donald Trump and the QVC Presidency

What we have to look forward to with a Trump presidency.

From New York Magazine:

“American law bars regular Executive-branch employees from participating “personally and substantially” in a government matter that could affect their own financial interests. But, incredibly, the president is exempted from that rule. According to CNBC, Trump would be within his legal rights to remain his company’s chief executive, even while serving as America’s commander-in-chief.

The Executive branch’s control of foreign policy, in combination with Trump’s extensive overseas holdings, would create an unfathomable number of potential conflicts. In many of these cases, the only thing that would prevent President Trump from prioritizing the interests of his company over those of the American people would be his own sense of integrity.

If you believe in the Donald’s ethical judgment, I’ve got some Trump Steaks to sell you.”

Reviews of Trump’s steaks or the man himself?  You decide.