Somewhere, Sarah Palin is Smiling

Reposted from The Daily Kos and written by “Hunter.”

I just love the way this guy thinks:

“You can’t have Christmas without the War on Christmas, because if there’s one thing a certain (loud) segment of America is certain of it’s that the baby Jesus was born 2,000 years ago primarily to justify your own need to be a raging asshole to people. I see the Republican Party jumped aboard the asshole train nice and early this year.

In a tweet last week, the NRCC promoted the t-shirt, which reads “Happy Holidays is What Liberals Say” in a Comic Sans font on the front and “Merry Christmas!” on the back, for Black Friday.

As of Monday, the shirt looks to have been removed from the NRCC website. The online store is still selling a t-shirt milder version that says “Not Afraid to Say ‘Merry Christmas.’”


The NRCC claims the shirt was pulled because it had sold out, not because anyone involved developed a sense of taste.

As John Avarosis points out, people who say “Happy Holidays” regularly include people other than the dreaded liberals, including Reince Priebus, George Dubya Freedom Bombs Bush, Bill O’Reilly, Fox News and the RNC themselves. (Also, too, one half of the vaunted Judeo-Christian hyphenated principles our country wuz foundered uppon, but during the months from September to December those hyphenated non-Christian types are all dismissed as practically Muslims; respect for the Jewish religion is, for most conservative Christians, a warm weather thing.)

Look, I understand where this is coming from. As I said, there are certain people who can only enjoy the holiday season if they think they are pissing other people off. If your point was to celebrate Christmas you could just wear a shirt saying Merry Christmas, but if your point is that liberals are terrible and that Christmas exists only as another reason for you to go around saying so, you buy yourself a “Happy Holidays is what liberals say” just so everybody you meet on that particular day feels just a wee bit uncomfortable to be around you, wondering if you are going to go off on one of your odd store-aisle rants about socialism again. This fills a deep-seated need in some people. You know—assholes. And assholes need shirts too.

I keep wondering if maybe we ought to make the War on Christmas a real thing, just as a farce. Non-Christians could start making an epic fuss over people saying “Merry Christmas” as if any of them actually gave a flying damn what other people say; we liberals could start printing up t-shirts saying “Merry Christmas is hate speech!” just to give some poor twit somewhere the Christmas vapors.

But that sounds like actual work, and I cannot imagine spending that much time pretending to give a damn about something that exists as outrage fodder only for a tiny minority of people for whom outrage is just as much a hobby as needlepoint or collecting potato chips that look like things. Spending the holidays (yes, there is more than one, hence the effing expression) wandering around town being obnoxious to people just does not sound like that much fun, probably because I am not an asshole.”

My sentiments exactly.


Return To The Good Ol’ Days of Ignorance


 Whiplash inducing quote of the day from Republican Mike Pence, speaking in Iowa: 

“To those who say we should focus on fiscal issues, instead of the right to life, I say, ‘What is more fiscally responsible than rolling back this administration’s effort to expand funding for abortion at home and abroad?’” Pence said.
“What is more fiscally responsible than denying any and all funding to Planned Parenthood of America?”
Could this guy be any more of an idiot?
Here is an excerpt from Planned Parenthood’s mission statement:
“We are a trusted health care provider, an informed educator, a passionate advocate, and a global partner helping similar organizations around the world. Planned Parenthood delivers vital reproductive health care, sex education, and information to millions of women, men, and young people worldwide.


For more than 90 years, Planned Parenthood has promoted a commonsense approach to women’s health and well-being, based on respect for each individual’s right to make informed, independent decisions about health, sex, and family planning.”

 Yessir, Mr. Pence.  Let’s party like it’s 1920.

 To visit Planned Parenthood’s website for information or to make a donation, click here.


Mr. Trump? Papers, please….

Whiplash inducing quotes of the day from Donald Trump, who, when asked by Larry King if Mexican-Americans have reason to be distainful of the new law in Arizona giving police the right to stop anyone that they think might be in the country illegally, said this:  

TRUMP: Well, I can see that, but if you think about it, and nobody wants to say it, you have a Mexican-American, and then you have a blonde guy walking down the street, well Mexico doesn’t have a lot of blondes, okay? And these are the people who are coming across the border.

KING: But do you favor stopping people on the street?

TRUMP: What are you going to do? I mean, are you going to stop people to see if they’re supposed to be there? And personally as a citizen I wouldn’t mind, I really wouldn’t mind.

KING: [to Melania] Would you mind if people from Slovenia were stopped if they looked funny?

M. TRUMP: Well, I think everybody needs to have papers, you know, and be legally here. We need to have papers if we go anywhere else in the world, so people need to have also the papers here.


No “Apolgy” for Stupidity

You may remember my post last week about the rained-out Tea Party protest in our town.  Well, it seems some protesters did manage to endure the rain long enough to stand on the street corner in the main part of town with their “tasteful signage” (read: no photos of President Obama as Hitler, but apart from that, anything goes). 

Unfortunately, they also displayed their ignorance of spelling, as evidenced by the large sign being hoisted by the idiot lady patriot in front.

“No apolgy”? 

I’m sorry, (not really) but when I saw this photo in our local paper yesterday, I laughed my ass off.  Even though this area is a hotbed of Republicanism, the editor of our paper (thank you, Lord) doesn’t seem to be of a same mind and often publishes editorials that cause much rending of garments and gnashing of teeth among the Conservatives.  He must really have gotten a hoot out of this photo. 

I’m sure he’ll catch “hail” in the Letters to the Editor next week for intentionally publishing this….um….unflattering photo.  I love it.

It’s hard to imagine there wasn’t someone in that crowd who looked at the sign and thought “Hmmm…..somethang ain’t right here.”

But then again, these were Tea Party-ers. 

Could they be any more stupid?