Jared Kushner Sounds Like Three Geese Trying to Honk the “Messiah”

From Esquire, by Charles P. Pierce:

In the annals of terrible White House staff work, the decision to send Jared Kushner out there alone and unarmed against Jonathan Swan of Axios is going to rank right up there with Alexander Haig’s one-man coup d’etat after Ronald Reagan was shot. When he was not being transparently ill-informed, the Dauphin was being transparently dishonest. And in all cases, he looked like a misbegotten princeling in some kind of weird internal exile, one with pool privileges, private jets, and the ability to speak for a country he can’t begin to understand.

The sad point behind this debacle is this: Jared Kushner doesn’t care if he sounds like three geese trying to honk the Messiah. He doesn’t care that he’s supposed to be doing all these important jobs and clearly doesn’t know any more about the Middle East than he knows about the sacrificial rituals of the Aztecs. This is not a drawback in anyone’s effort to rise in this administration*. Marry the boss’s daughter is an extra, for sure. But this guy was born to be a Trump.

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