Uh Uh, Lil’ Marco.

From The Hill:

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) traveled with President Obama on Air Force One Thursday to Orlando, where the president will meet with victims’ families and survivors of the mass shooting at a popular gay nightclub.

It’s rare for Republican lawmakers to fly with Obama on the presidential aircraft, especially those who have been vocally critical of him, like Rubio.

Didn’t Lil’ Marco learn anything from Chris Christie’s Obama-lovin’ hug after Hurricane Sandy? Didn’t he?

This will be the Kiss of Death for his future senatorial ambitions for sure.


Quick, Someone Get Lil’ Marco a Dictionary!

Marco Rubio on engaging Chris Christie in the debates:

“I don’t think it impacted voters, but I do think it impacted media coverage in the days leading up to the New Hampshire vote, which I think ultimately hurt us. I think we would have finished very strongly in New Hampshire had it not been for that, and it might have led to a different outcome in South Carolina and maybe changed the directory of the race.”

Trajectory, directory. Who cares? It’s all just a bunch of words anyway. Damned elites.