Out of the Slammer and Into the Good Life

We went to our local county fair today, the oldest continuing fair in Texas.  We wandered around in one of the exhibit halls, ogling prize winning tomatoes, stalks of sorghum and sacks of wool.  Then we stopped in front of one of the displays that the 4-H kids had assembled.

The tryptich display featured our SPCA, with lots of information on its “no-kill” shelter status.  It included a number of photos of the 4-H teens who volunteered their time.

As I scanned the photos, one of them caught my eye with its immediate familiarity.  It was Kelso, the little long-haired Chihuahua we’d adopted three weeks ago!

He was behind bars in his pen, with his ears pinned back and his tail drooping.  If there had been a caption under the photo, it could have said “Please save me!”

Then we noticed another photo showing one of the boys kneeling in front of the pen, offering his hand to Kelso through the bars.

Here’s how Kelso looked in “the slammer”—

And here is Kelso with his new best bud, Culvey—

What a difference a few weeks make!