Pledge Allegiance to the Nation of Pinheads













Joe the Plumber, meet Katy Abrams.  This is the gal who confronted Arlen Specter about health care at a town hall meeting in Pennsylvania.  She was a guest tonight on Hardball with Lawrence O’Donnell as the host.  She is real America, folks.  Uninformed, uninterested (until the “other” guy gets into the White House) and unbelievable.  She could get all the way through the Iraq war, warrantless wire tapping and all the other Bush-trocities to the Constitution without being “awakened”, as she put it, until the health care boogeyman raised his head.  How convenient.

When O’Donnell told her no one would be taxed for health care unless they made over $250K a year,  she coyly tossed her curls, giggled and admitted that she didn’t know how much her husband made because “he handles all the bills.”  (Oh, Miz Scarlett, I don’t know nuthin’ about finances!)  How reminiscent of Joe the Non-plumber’s fake answers to Obama during the campaign.

When asked if her parents had Medicare (to prove the point that we already have socialized medicine) Katy said her parents didn’t yet, but she thought we should do away with it.  Ms. Abrams went on to say that the Founding Fathers didn’t have Medicare in mind when they wrote the Constitution so she thought America should go back to the good old days of “people helping each other when they needed help”, like church missions did. 

Okay, Ms. Abrams, if your mother or father have the misfortune to develop cancer at some point in the future (God forbid), do you really believe that your church or your neighbors are going to kick in for their care?  No, I think not.

On another, similar, note—I received a newsy little email from my Congressman Critter today.  It contained the usual crap about his opposition to health care and then this little tidbit that griped my ass: 

After saying that the Democrat’s plan expands the “worst parts of our current system”, he went on to say that also meant “…..more government intrusions into the most intimate decisions many of us will ever make—those about life and death.”

Oh, pulleeeze!  I promptly emailed him (probably the only person to do so who wasn’t a Republican) and told him to quit trying to scare the old folks with this claptrap.  There are no “death panels”!  They are a figment of Sarah Palin’s mind.  If we’re going to debate health care issues, let’s do so with real issues, not hallucinations.

So, Katy Abrams and Congressman Critter– you win my “Smells Like Bullshit to Me” award for today. 

Thank you for playing, and please, don’t come back.