And She Joins That Great Pantheon Shared by Roger Stone and Joe Arpaio

From CNN:

During the Tuesday event, Trump commemorated the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment, the women’s right to vote, by pardoning women’s rights activist Susan B. Anthony.

“Later today, I will be signing a full and complete pardon for Susan B. Anthony. She was never pardoned,” he said during remarks in the Blue Room.

Anthony was tried and found guilty of voting in the 1872 presidential election.


Image Jonathan Martin @jmartNYT

Stepping on a Susan B Anthony pardon to return fire at a popular first lady for pre-taping a speech & understating the number of dead Americans from a pandemic.

Just another 2020 news cycle.


She may not have wanted a pardon

By all accounts, Anthony wore her acts of rebellion as badges of honor that furthered her goal of women’s suffrage. Some contemporary officials believe she wouldn’t have wanted a pardon.
New York Lt. Gov. Kathleen Hochul asked Trump to rescind the pardon “on behalf of Susan B. Anthony’s legacy.”
“She was proud of her arrest to draw attention to the cause for women’s rights, and never paid her fine,” Hochul tweeted Tuesday. “Let her Rest in Peace, @realDonaldTrump.”
Anthony refused to submit to the men who convicted her. At the end of her two-day trial, which she called the “greatest judicial outrage history has ever recorded,” Anthony was ordered to pay a fine of $100 — of which she told the judge who sentenced her she’d “never pay a dollar,” according to Library of Congress archives.
She concluded her trial with a maxim she urged all women to hear: “Resistance to tyranny is obedience to God.”