That’s a Wrap, Folks!

Every once in a while my Current Husband (as opposed to my Starter Husband) takes me by surprise with a witty observation.  He’s a pretty pragmatic individual, but he does have a good sense of humor.     

He’s constantly busy taking care of renovations to our house and the surrounding ten acres on which we live.  Often it seems like he’s a perpetual motion machine. 

Lately, though, his left knee has been hurting, which he finds very frustrating.

Today he remarked, after rubbing some generic Ben-Gay onto the offending appendage, that he would rather be 45 than going on 75.  (In reality, he just had his 74th birthday in March.)

I replied by saying “I’m afraid that ship has sailed.”

His response was: 

“Yeah, in the movie of my life, the credits are already rolling.”

Ha!  Pretty wry observation, don’t you think?