Strike Up the Band

Here’s another fun silhouette that also appeared in the photo shoot in Mary Engelbreit’s Home Companion.  In the pic below you can see it just to the left of the dresser—a kids’ parade done in blue.  The one below which I cut yesterday is in pink.  It’s about 8″ in length.

I really love these designs from the 1920s.  There are several more that I used to do and I plan on re-cutting most of them and sharing them here.  Hope you enjoy them!





Don’t Piss Off Mother Nature

Well, the big Tea Party rally scheduled for our fair city ran into the wrath of Mother Nature today in the form of steady rainfall.  I drove past the corner on Main St. where protesters were supposed to gather with their “tasteful signage” on display, but none were to be seen. 

The covered area of the nearby park where speeches were to be given by such notables as the Mayor (and some people I never heard of) wasn’t exactly overflowing with humanity either.

Such a pity.