Pfarting around with Smartphones…again

I stopped at our beautiful town park today after a trip to good ol’ Wal-Mart. I spend so much time there, they’re going to set up a cot for me in the back room.

After I left what we jokingly refer to as “Lard-Mart,” I whizzed through the drive-thru at Dairy Queen and got a large diet Dr. Pepper—my drug of choice, behind chocolate candy which I’ve been denying myself now for two months.  (I had a Hershey’s Kisses monkey on my back, and I had it bad.)

Dairy Queen is another local haunt where they know me by sight and can spout what I’m going to order before the words leave my mouth.  Seriously, if they don’t see me for a couple of weeks, like when I was in California, they begin to assemble a search party.

Anyhoo, the park has been especially nice this week because all the rugrats , er, adorable tykes are back in school.  I like to sit underneath a large grape arbor near a rock waterfall that flows down to a paddle wheel and it’s great not to have the little children clambering all over the rocks where the two large signs say “For Your Safety, Please Do Not Climb On Rocks.” 

But who reads.  Certainly not their parents, who tend to look in the other direction or at their iPhones while the little bastards darlings are running amok and pulling the flowers and shrubbery apart to use as weapons.

So I took some photos using my Paper Artist app on my Smartphone.  The statues in the last two are a little larger-than-life-size grouping that depicts the peace treaty between the local settlers and the Native Americans who were living here.

I’m told it is the only one where we actually kept our word…