Pfun—Day One

I’ve been having such a good time noodling around with my smartphone Paper Artist app, I thought I would try to post a few every day or so.

No guarantees, though.

You’ll have to remember I am a Gemini.  We’re allowed to be idiosyncratic.

It’s in the owner’s manual.





More Pfun…

I went to the park again yesterday after my yoga class and communed with the black kitty that hangs out there by the grape arbor.  I gave her some cheese from my Subway veggie delite sandwich and I think she’s my friend for life now.

Here are a couple of photos I took using the Paper Artist app again.  One is the chameleon-like lizard called an Anole that was putting on a territorial display on one of the posts that supports the arbor.  He was puffing out his dewlap on the front of his neck and performing push-ups.  Or…maybe he was courting me.

It could happen…

Park1 (2)

Park2 (2)


Park3 (2)



More Pfun with Smartphones

I cut all the silhouettes, except for the two on the bottom row of me at ages 5 and 13 which were done at Farmer’s Market in L.A. and Disneyland.


My daughter gave me the framed poster by Cheret, one of my favorite French advertising poster artists.


I think this reminds me of Vermeer….if he were into purses.


The old radio came from the chicken ranch of my husband’s grandparents. They lived on Lover’s Lane. Aww.


My husband has the Green Thumb. When we met, I had the Tomb of the Unknown Plant on my dresser.

This is another great poster from my daughter.  Good to know someone in the decorating "biz," no?

This is another great poster from my daughter. Good to know someone in the decorating “biz,” no?

The plant is often called "Mother-in-law's Tongue."  No comment.

The plant is often called “Mother-in-law’s Tongue.” No comment.



Pay no attention to the dog toys on the rug. Ahem.


Phooling around with Smartphones

I’m probably the last person in the country to discover “there’s an app for that,” but I upgraded my Samsung smartphone to a Galaxy III and have been noodling around with “Paper Artist,” one of the apps that came with the most recent software download.  Seriously dangerous stuff here.  It could very well lead me astray from my drawing and painting materials (which have been languishing in the desk drawer anyway.)

Here are some artsy-fartsy pics I took of the interior of the house the other night.  Enjoy!

dog photo

bed photo2