You Go, Girl!

Hai!  My new favorite t.v. show is “RuPaul’s Drag Race” on LogoTV.  You know, the gay channel that has commercials for lesbian cruises to the Caribbean?

I watched it for the first time last night and got sucked in by all the drag queen drama and fabulosity.  It was the season finale where America’s Next Drag Queen Superstar was chosen.  The show is kind of a cross between American Idol, Project Runway and La Cage aux Folles.  The winner was “Tyra Sanchez,” who was victorious over the other two finalists, “Raven” and “Jujubee.”  Of course, there was much backstage bitchiness, but what was fascinating was the part of the show they call “Untucked,” (think about it) where the contestants are shown without all the big hair and makeup and simply as….men.  But when they are transformed into drag queens…..well….the transformation boggles the mind.

Damn!  Those “girls” looked so good, that if I had to share a stage with them, I’d come off looking like a lumberjack or a longshoreman in comparison.  I am female, but they are uber-females, honey!   And RuPaul herself/himself is something else. 

Here are some of his/her quotable quotes:

“You are a burning sensation and I don’t want an ointment to clear it up.”

“With hair, heels, and attitude, honey, I am through the roof.”

“I do not impersonate females! How many women do you know who wear seven inch heels, four foot wigs, and skintight dresses?”

“What other people think of me, is none of my business.”

“I don’t know karate but I do know kr-a-zy.”

“We are born naked – the rest is drag.”