Trump Finally Got His Roy Cohn With Barr

From Esquire, by Jack Holmes, Associate Editor:

‘Frustrated and angered’: Barr says Trump believed the investigation was fueled by illegal leaks and propelled by his opponents.

“So if the president is “frustrated,” he can break the law? If the world’s most powerful man is having a sad, he can obstruct justice? Of course he can’t, unless you’ve been hired to ensure the president is not charged for breaking the law—or if you believe, as it seems Barr might, that the president is above the law. The corruption and doublespeak on show today was a typical disgrace to the United States of America, an assault on the concept we are a nation of laws that, in truth, has never really applied to the most powerful people in this nation. But to watch the nation’s most powerful law enforcement figure run interference for the president—rather than just fucking RELEASE THE REPORT—is a new low.

It will only be matched by the fact that this toad delayed the release two hours after his press conference, enough time for the spin machine to kick into gear. The Beltway Media better shake off the Goldfish Brain approach they normally take to coverage and understand that the president and his administration are operating in bad faith and are not playing by the rules of their game. Read the report and see what’s in it. There are things that aren’t conspiracy with a hostile foreign power that we may still be concerned about. The president doesn’t set the bar, the public does.”