No “Apolgy” for Stupidity

You may remember my post last week about the rained-out Tea Party protest in our town.  Well, it seems some protesters did manage to endure the rain long enough to stand on the street corner in the main part of town with their “tasteful signage” (read: no photos of President Obama as Hitler, but apart from that, anything goes). 

Unfortunately, they also displayed their ignorance of spelling, as evidenced by the large sign being hoisted by the idiot lady patriot in front.

“No apolgy”? 

I’m sorry, (not really) but when I saw this photo in our local paper yesterday, I laughed my ass off.  Even though this area is a hotbed of Republicanism, the editor of our paper (thank you, Lord) doesn’t seem to be of a same mind and often publishes editorials that cause much rending of garments and gnashing of teeth among the Conservatives.  He must really have gotten a hoot out of this photo. 

I’m sure he’ll catch “hail” in the Letters to the Editor next week for intentionally publishing this….um….unflattering photo.  I love it.

It’s hard to imagine there wasn’t someone in that crowd who looked at the sign and thought “Hmmm…..somethang ain’t right here.”

But then again, these were Tea Party-ers. 

Could they be any more stupid?