It’s a Van Gogh! (Sam Van Gogh)

My daughter really loves Vincent Van Gogh’s art, as do I. Recently she asked me if I would paint three acrylic copies of his work for her birthday. She gave me a book of some of his paintings and marked the pages of the ones she particularly liked. This is one of them. Only two more to go. Oy.

I’m reminded of the episode of “The Addams Family” where they think Morticia is getting art lessons from Picasso.

Turns out it was Sam Picasso.

That’s me, Sam Van Gogh.

van gogh2


Bachmann’s Campaign Donations Drying Up Faster Than Her Ovaries

Here’s Michele Bachmann’s latest campaign video, shot next to a plastic plant that looks like something out of “The Addams Family” (remember Cleopatra, the meat-eating plant?) and done without a lapel mic so the sound resembles two tin cans with a string attached.  Enjoy!