Rest in Peace, Mr. Barsotti

One of my favorite cartoonists from The New Yorker passed away today, Charles Barsotti.  I always admired how, as cartoon editor Bob Mankoff says, “with the minimum number of lines, Charlie could extract the maximum number of ideas.”

Here are a couple of my favorites.  For more click on this link to Mankoff’s newsletter.










The New Yorker Likes Me…It Really Likes Me!

Calling all readers of my blog—

Wow!  For the second time, one of my cartoon captions has been chosen as a finalist in The New Yorker magazine online weekly caption contest.

(I could just plotz.)

The voting will begin online Monday, January 27.

Please be a dear and go to:  www.newyorker.com/captioncontest and vote for me, Melissa Guensler, if you would be ever so kind.

I’d really appreciate it!  Thanks.



You Want Some Cat With That?

I saw an old New Yorker cartoon the other day where some people are sitting around in a living room.  The host comes out carrying a tray with a smiling cat on it and asks the guests, “Cat, anyone?” 

When I saw my cat, Neferkitty, lying on a towel on top of my cutting board on the kitchen counter, that cartoon immediately came to mind. 

She likes to sit in a patch of sun that shines into the kitchen in the winter on that part of the counter.  Today it’s cloudy and rainy (hurrah!  we need it) so she’s doing her “nesting chicken” impersonation on a towel that she assumes was put there just for her use.  Cat, anyone?



The Next Biggest Loser

Well….I didn’t win The New Yorker’s cartoon caption contest. 

I came in third….out of three.  Ouch. 

One of my friends graciously suggested it was because I didn’t have a huge network of friends stuffing the ballot box.  I don’t know whether to take comfort in that or get depressed because I’m a friendless loser.  haha  

My new t.v. reality show should be “I Love Lose-y.”

Anyway, I want to thank everyone who did vote for my caption.  I intend to keep plugging away and enter the magazine’s contest every week.  Who knows, maybe someday I’ll  come up with a caption that will be generic enough to appeal to all those unimaginative cretins out there.  Just kidding! 

Really, it was an honor to be selected as one of the finalists. 

Now I know how Helen Mirren must have felt at the Oscars. 

(Except she won one once, didn’t she?  Crap. There goes that analogy.)