White House Appears in Hostage Video

My thoughts on the final night of the Republican national convention:

So. Last night President Trump held a super-spreader event in front of the White House.

Emerging from it like a monarch, he slowly made his way down the stairs with Melania to the stage, much like he descended that golden escalator at Trump Tower four years ago when he declared his candidacy for presidency of the United States. This time it was at The People’s House. Our house, which has always been considered sacrosanct and not to be used as a backdrop for a political campaign. But, as with everything about this administration, that’s for chumps and losers.

The White House stood illuminated behind Trump’s Big Beautiful Wall of American flags. It felt like “In your face, Libs.” Which is pretty much what the message was meant to be. And of course, at the end of his 71 minute speech, he removed any doubt by saying “We’re here and they’re not.”

There was a giant TV screen so the closely packed unmasked faithful in the audience could see their Supreme Leader and there was campaign signage on the White House grounds. Again, something not seen before in past presidential elections. But this administration doesn’t follow the rules like all its predecessors. (See: Ukraine, V. Zelensky; Russia, V. Putin; Manafort, P.; Stone, R.; Flynn, M.; Cohen, M.; et. al.)

The White House had been taken hostage and forced to appear in a ransom video. It looked beautiful, but it was crying on the inside for what it had become at the hands of this narcissistic oaf. To me, it will never be the same. It was as if he had grabbed it by the pussy and it had to let him do it because he’s “a star.”

And if this man is given another four years in office, our very democracy is sure to follow the same fate.

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Chain of Fools

Whiplash inducing quote of the day from The New York Times and MSNBC:

“As White House officials fended off new questions about how a fame-seeking couple finessed their way into the president’s glittering state dinner last week, the aspiring reality-TV stars themselves began trying to sell their story for hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Television industry executives said on Saturday that Michaele and Tareq Salahi had postponed plans for an interview Monday on CNN’s “Larry King Live” and were seeking top-dollar bids for their first television interview.

Not only should these media whores not get “top-dollar” for their side of the story, but they should have their asses thrown in jail—preferably with Michaele’s sharing a cell with Big Bertha.

But wait—there’s more:

“Meanwhile, several invited guests who had entered the White House through the same entrance as the Salahis said that the Secret Service’s normal security check-in process, familiar to many of them after years in political circles, had been haphazard.

They said Secret Service guards had not directed the visitors through the well-equipped guardhouse with its metal detector and X-ray screeners, located just inside the east entrance to the White House. Instead, after guards glanced at their ID cards in the dark, they had to wait in a chilly mist outside the East Wing portico. Then they were funneled to a portable metal detector but no X-ray scanner for checking purses and other belongings.

 So, let me get this straight.  People who would have direct access and physical contact with the President of the United States had to undergo less clearance than the average schmo who goes through security at the Podunk airport?  A blonde bimbo is allowed to bypass security clearing because she doesn’t fit the profile of a terrorist? 

And where was the White House social secretary, Ms. Rogers, who was supposed to have staff overseeing all of the checkpoints to prevent just such a “gate crashing”?  Too busy promoting herself?

What is dreadfully wrong with this picture?  I hate to advance conspiracy theories, but something tells me the Secret Service isn’t “all that into” protecting this president. 

 I hope heads roll at that department and with the White House staff.  I hope they bounce all the way to Lower Slobovia where their next job is picking up reindeer dung.

In that vein, I dedicate this ATC to the Salahis and the Secret Service. 

May you get what you deserve.